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It Could Be Worse


As predicted, it’s been an eventful couple of days. I went to my emergency dental appointment yesterday, and the looks of surprise when they saw my condition was both amusing and reassuring, as they were obviously concerned. They seemed surprised to learn how many times in my life I’ve had to endure this level of pain, something I related during the preparation for the procedure.
“Not to be mean, but it sounds like you’ve had a difficult life.” the dental aide remarked.
“It is what it is,” I told her.
After half a dozen needles, and some time for the numbing agent to take effect, they proceeded to cut the inside of my jaw, which I did not feel at all. The dental surgeon then did her best to drain the abcess, and I felt that quite a bit. Not the actual draining – my mouth was too numb for that – but in order to drain it properly, she had to basically grab handfuls of my face and squeeze with all her strength, and although the numb portions felt nothing, the rest of my face felt like it was being ripped off. This lasted for about ten minutes or so, as she repeated the procedure in the hopes of lessening the swelling. The dental surgeon remarked that it ‘wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.”
Initially, they did not want to do an extraction, as it would be ‘an extremely difficult and painful process, with level 9-10 pain for an extended time.” After the draining, they changed their mind, but I was no longer up for it. The face manhandling had been enough for one day, and so I go back in a bit to get the second half of this problem taken care of once and for all.
Still, it could be worse.
This is just another lingering side effect of my relationship with a malicious, malignant/covert narcissist. Had this happened while I was still married to her, I would have had to suffer through more indignation in the form of criticism and mockery of my condition – something I had been through on previous occasions during a decade of abuse. This is one more reason these people – and I use the word lightly – need to identified, and removed from society. They are pure toxicity, and a threat to anyone they encounter, and the court system in particular needs to be cleansed of these poisonous creatures, for they make a mockery of the tenets they are sworn to uphold, ones that form the core of our freedoms, and can destroy the lives of the most innocent. I should know, for I’ve seen it done more than once.
Fortunately, between my high pain tolerance and the effectiveness of my meds, I am still able to write, and unless the infection fails to respond to treatment, this will soon be just another painful memory among many.
But, on the upside, two of the technicians said they’d buy my book, so there’s that…

Until next time,


Update: Dec. 7, 2020


I’ve been on a creative streak of late, so naturally, something had to come along and interrupt it. Along with the many indignities I suffered while incarcerated for a crime I did not commit, the water in the facility destroyed the fillings in my teeth, and damaged them as well. This did not present any immediate danger – I’ve been busy doing what I can to rebuild my life, and my physical limitations have made this a slower progression than I would like.
This changed on Saturday morning, when I was awakened by an ache in my jaw. Thinking it was a temporary sensitivity, I took a few OTC pain relievers and went about my business. Typical Aries shit, you know?
I did my best to manage the pain, getting no sleep whatsoever that night, but by early afternoon on Sunday, the pain had escalated to beyond an 8 on the pain scale, and liberal use of Oragel, two extra strength pain relievers, and a 30mg Tramadol could do nothing to help. I discovered a swelling from the tooth to the bottom of my jaw, and scheduled an emergency dental appointment for Monday morning.
That did nothing to help the pain. So, off I went to the emergency room. By the time I reached the hospital, there was no doubt an abcess forming under one of my cracked teeth, and my blood pressure read 192/119.
They gave me a couple pain pills, an antibiotic, and a topical anesthetic, along with prescriptions for the same. Unfortunately, the pharmacy will not open until tomorrow, so the double dose they gave me in the emergency room will have to last until I can get the scrip filled. As I write this, the swelling in my jaw has grown considerably. I hope I am able to hit it with another dose of antibiotics before my appointment tomorrow.
As it is, I am beginning to resemble either Marlon Brando in the Godfather, or Joseph Merrick. The pain is manageable…for now…but there are several hours of pain ahead, then more pain, and then recovery, and I have to be stable by the coming weekend, as my little one has my attention that weekend.
Like I said. Something has to go wrong, because I was feeling way too good.
Yup. When I am chock full of pain-killers, I sometimes quote song lyrics or engage in other various types of wordplay. Sometimes they land, sometimes they don’t, and I usually am in no state to care.
Looking forward to tomorrow. I’ll give the dentist an offer he can’t refuse…
Not really.

Until next time…


Works in Progress – Nov. 2020


I’ve been writing quite a bit lately. The Muse was very lively for awhile, and when she rests, I transcribe from hand-written journal pages for my upcoming non-fiction work. This latter is harder for me to write. The account of my life during that time is not an easy thing to relate; to transcribe the events of that period is to relive those events in my mind, and for people with CPTSD, that can be especially difficult. I hope, in the long run, that I will be able to help men who are experiencing narcissistic abuse to avoid a similar outcome. To date, that manuscript stands at 97,293 words.
There is still a ways to go on both my works in progress. My new fiction novel is about a third of the way through the first draft. My Muse has been on a break, allowing me to catch up on the non-fiction work, but I know I will be back to writing on that strange tale soon. This novel will be as different from my first two as they were to each other, with elements of both horror and suspense, with a little metaphysics and science thrown in for good measure. It is the most fun I’ve had writing so far, and I hope to have the manuscript finished within the next few months.
I’m also trying to post more here, and increase my social media presence, something I’ve neglected for far too long, and I’ll post more information about that as it develops.
Stay tuned folks, there’s a lot more coming in the future!

Until next time,


Update – Sept. 10, 2020

Greetings, everyone.

Lots of stuff going on. I’ve passed 34k words on my next fiction novel. This third work of fiction will explore some of the stranger aspects of perception and what we call reality, and explores both the science and spirituality of life, death, and rebirth. It is proving to be a research-intensive project, but I am still hoping to have the finished novel available by the end of the year. I’ll update when possible, so stay tuned!


Update – July 2020

Greetings Everyone,

I hope everyone has managed to weather the last few months without too much in the way of craziness.  It has and continues to be a trying time for us in this country, and in many other places in the world, and it is my sincere hope that things will improve in the months and years to come.

I haven’t been writing much since publishing my latest book, but I did begin the first draft of my next novel, which I hope to complete by the end of the year.  I’ve been extremely busy of late, doing everything I can to rebuild my life after the events of the last several years.  I lately made a great stride forward in this, and am now working to cement a new location for a studio for my visual art pursuits.  I’ve also begun turning my residence into more of a home and less of an office with a bedroom in it, a situation brought on by too much to do and not enough time.  Those things are still true, but I’m learning to manage my time better, and fighting harder against the physical toll the last few years have taken.

I’ll be adding some new images to the site soon, as I plan to produce some more artwork from my works in the coming months.  I’m also still toying with the idea of doing some podcast style videos and posting them here as well as whatever platform I use.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, I hope everyone can find a way to take a break from the madness to enjoy the coming holiday.

Until next time,


New Release! Strange Stories, Twisted Tales

New horror fiction anthology Out Now

My newest book, ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’, is now available on Amazon US in both paperback and e-book formats
It is also available on other Amazon markets, but I don’t have the link to those. Please search by title or author if you are living outside the Amazon US delivery service.

And now for the cover reveal!

Cover for Strange Stories, Twisted Tales

Cover – Strange Stories, Twisted Tales

This new volume is more than just a horror anthology; it contains short stories and novellas that span a number of genres, all with a touch of the strange and bizarre, and a bit of dark humor here and there.
Some are horror,while others could be classified as suspense, strange fiction, and even a touch of sci-fi.  So please, feel free to check out the link!

Please feel free to leave a review. I always appreciate feedback.


New Work Coming Soon!


The internet drought continues, as does our ‘pandemic’ situation. For many, this has been a major disruption of their lifestyles, but for me, the lockdowns and isolation have been a part of my life since before the whole COVID-19 mess. In fact, I’ve managed to finally get on a regular writing schedule, and have been working on multiple new works. The first draft of my newest work, a collection of short stories and novellas, is nearing completion. The cover has been finalized, and will be revealed soon. At present, the manuscript is over 154k words, and will feature ten stories of different genres, all with a slightly dark edge. Some are straight horror, while others are more fantasy and sci-fi themed. Some have a bit of dark humor thrown in, as is my habit, and for good or bad, I stand by the messages, if any, these stories impart.
If I can manage to stay on schedule, I should be releasing this, my second full-length work, in then next one to two months, so stay tuned!
In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and if you find yourself with some time and not enough to read, consider buying my first work, ‘Highway Hypnosis’, now on Amazon. If you are an e-book reader, the electronic version is currently FREE at, as is my novella, “The Minstrel”.

Until next we meet,


Update 2-15-20

As those who have been following my blog may know, things have been difficult for me for some time. I only have limited internet capabilities at the moment, and have been using what time was afforded me as judiciously as I can. As may be apparent, I have made some changes to the website in order to make it more streamlined, and to be mobile friendly, something that is becoming increasingly vital. There are still a number of small tweaks that need to be made, but I am pleased with the overall look.
Also, in between dealing with a number of personal difficulties, and perhaps in spite of them, I have been working on my next soon to be published work, a collection of stories I hope to release in the next few months. These are stories that I have written over a period of time in a few different genres, but all with a touch of the dark and bizarre. I’ll do an official cover reveal when the time is right.
That’s about it for now. I’ll be updating more pages soon. Stay tuned!


Update: 12-5-19

Yes, I’m still alive!

More news to come soon, as soon as I put an end to the internet drought.  Lots of news to catch up on, and new writing excerpts! (Including some fun stuff I just can’t wait to share).

Stay tuned!


A Quick Update

Due to the complications caused by my soon to be ex-wife’s machinations, it may be awhile before I can update my blog.  When I do post again, I’ll have plenty to write about.  Trust me.

In the meantime, I still hope to produce several works in the coming year, including a short story collection, a novel, and most importantly, a non-fiction autobiographical work that I hope will help other male emotional abuse victims avoid the problems I have been forced to face.  This may be the most important thing I ever write, and I will continue to post updates on its progress, as well as excerpts from these coming works in the near future.

Until then,