Letter 7/12/18

My Little Savannah,
I hope you are happy today.
I am writing this, like all the letters you’ll hopefully read one day, to let you know how I’m thinking of you. I was reminiscing today about those precious four months that we lived together in Virginia Beach. You would run up to me every day when I got home, and want me to play. It was the highlight of my day, and I always looked forward to getting home so I could be with you. I loved how you made up stories for all your little figures and stuffed animals. There were times where I had worked hard, and needed dinner first, but watching you play, and taking part in your games and make-believe, has always been a highlight of my day. You would use your stuffed animals and dolls to spell the letters of your name, hung above your bed, every night before you went to sleep. It melted my heart every time. I looked forward to going on trips with you every weekend, and loved to take pictures of your Mommy playing with you.
Whether playing at home, or going somewhere special, I love every minute I get to spend with you. You have a happiness that is contagious. You live in the moment, and have been happy whether you were playing in your room, or going to the beach. You don’t care if money is being spent – you just like being with the people you love, and I adore that about you. You have a bright, shining spirit, and I hope I can help keep that light alive for as long as possible. I have no doubt that you have the potential to be anything that you want to be in the future.
I miss playing with you in our old house. I enjoyed playing there as much as you did, whether it was playing quietly, or running through the house, it was the most fun I had in years. We always had fun there. You liked that house when we visited there the first time, and when you found out it was your home, you ran to your room and said “My room, Daddy?” You were incredibly happy in that home, and so sorry that I had to give it up.
You have always been special to me. From the time you were still in your Mommy, you have given my life a higher purpose, a greater meaning. You and your Mommy gave me the motivation to work harder, challenged me to be a better father and human being. It is harder now that Mommy and I are apart, but I will always do my very best to take care of you, and be the best Daddy I can be.
I miss you.

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