Letter to Savannah 7/14

My Little Savannah,

It is a beautiful Saturday, and I wish I was playing with you right now. I’m sorry I had to work so much. The only job I could find where I could make enough money meant I have to work six days a week. It was worth it to be able to come home to you and your Mommy every day. Even though your Mommy would not be home on Saturdays, I loved being with you, even though I missed being with your Mommy too on those days. I had to work a great deal, and I looked forward to all the time I could get with you both. I loved being able to be with you every moment I wasn’t working, because you always make me happy. You were always a happy little girl, and I can tell that you want everyone around you to be happy too.
I wish I could take you to the beach today. I had a special spot that I liked to go to, and when your Mommy and I first met, it was the first place I took her. I took you there too, several times, and I have pictures of how happy it made you to be able to run along the beach and play. I loved being with you too in that place; it filled me with a feeling of peace and love that I cannot describe. The last time you went, you got so excited as soon as you heard the waves. Being on the beach has been one of your favorite things to do since you were born – you love the water, and you really loved being in that place with your Mommy and I. I wish we could all go there again together. I’m sorry that we can’t, little girl. I wish more than anything I could be with you both today, that we could be happy together.
It will not be until next weekend that I will get to see you, and I will take us to the beach for the day if I possibly can. Things are hard for your Daddy right now, and have been since your Mommy decided to leave with you, but I will do my best to make all your time with me special. I get to see you so little now, and it breaks your Daddy’s heart, because being with you, playing with you after work or taking you places on the weekends, were the best moments of my life.
I hope you get to do something fun today, and that your Mommy plays with you. I miss you every moment of every day.



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