2017 Is Here

Wow, time sure does fly when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Actually, it seems to fly regardless of the fun these days. 2016 was pretty much a shit-trifecta for me; the last three years have been particularly trying, financially, emotionally, and physically. I’ve had to endure the loss of my freedom and abuse at the hands of corrupt judges and spiteful court employees who got their panties in a bunch despite being innocent (no Ohio, I haven’t forgotten you), lost my home, suffered through extreme depression, and was forced to face more unpleasantness than I care to relate. Somehow, I managed to get my first paperback into print (after working on the manuscript for over two decades, but that’s another story), prevent myself from living in a box under an overpass, and even find some gainful employment while trying to further my artistic pursuits, but I can honestly say I never want to have to go through such a time again.
2016 was also a nasty year for so many others. We lost a good number of cherished actors, musicians, and other performers from our childhoods, watched as innocent people in Yemen and other nations were slaughtered, and endured a controversial election for our nation’s highest office.
Now, however, the great celestial cycle begins anew, and I can only hope that it will be a more positive year than the one previous. True, it is likely that the next four years will be harder for many, especially financially, for those in creative industries, but I still have hope. With that hope has come a newfound determination that I will not allow the events of the last three years to repeat themselves. I have learned much through those experiences, and will be using that knowledge to safeguard myself against such stressful and unpleasant things in the future. To do this, I will have to become much more proactive in how I deal with such things, and have renewed my determination to produce more creatively in the coming year. These are not resolutions, as they are a refreshing of goals, a renewed zest for making the best of the time I am allowed.
To that end, I am hoping to produce at least one more novel in the coming year. I learned a great deal from publishing my first paperback, and this should save me a great amount of stress and effort in regards to future works. I have about 100 pages of new manuscript, and hope to have the first draft completed by April. Normally, this would be an easy deadline, but having a young child at home puts my time at a premium. Still, I have high hopes that at least one of the writing projects I have on my list will see fruition in the year to come. I’ll be sure to update my blog with updates on current and future projects time goes on.
Also, I am looking into adding some blogs to my site via a Youtube channel. This would give me an opportunity to discuss various topics, give the occasional book review, and update various writing and art projects. This is only in the planning stage at the moment, but I’ll be sure to update those interested with any developments.
Well, that’s it for now. Best New Year’s wishes for everyone!
Until next time, I hope everyone has a wonderful 2017.