If the World Doesn’t End . . .

. . . I will be investigating the option of self-publishing in the near future.
Most that know me know that I have resisted the e-book trend for some time. I have always been a collector of hard and soft-cover books for most of my life. I have felt that the e-book trend was taking something away from traditional publishing, and thought I would see a flood of Twilight quality writing or worse.
However, observation through time has shown that this is not necessarily the case, and though self-publishing, especially in an electronic format, poses its own share of shortcomings, it also gives the author a level of control over his own work that is rarely achieved in the traditional publishing world, at least for those authors who have yet to establish themselves. Being that I am a visual artist as well as a writer, it has been my desire for some time to incorporate more of my visual work into my writing. This makes the self-publishing route even more attractive, and has given me the incentive to take that path in the future, and include interior illustrations in addition to cover artwork.
Of course, if the world ends tomorrow, that plan may need to be put on hold, but otherwise, I hope to have my first novel Highway Hypnosis ready for e-book publication in the coming year, with a novella and another novel ready by year’s end.

Until next we meet –