Changes, Past, Present, & Future

Well, folks, quite a bit has transpired since the Ohio debacle. I’ve moved to what I hope is a friendlier state, watched my baby daughter grow into a beautiful toddler, and finally made an honest woman of her mother. Michelle and I tied the knot on November 14th – five years to the day after she decided to be my girlfriend.
It hasn’t been an easy road; dealing with a ten month old for most of the day makes for hectic times, and in between my duties as new father and husband (a title I once thought I’d never have again), I’ve had little time to devote to this blog, or writing in general. At present, most of my resource material (as well as the majority of my furniture) are still being held prisoner in OHio. Our house is devoid of books, shelves, and pretty much everything else but for a bed, crib, and computer table. Meanwhile, I continue my quest to land a ‘real job’ in either web programming or other IT related businesses, in order to afford to bring the rest of our belongings home.
Things are going to change however, and I believe it will be for the best. Web and graphic design has long been an interest of mine, and as I continue to learn, I apply that knowledge as best I can. In managing this site and others, I’ve come to see what parts need trimming, what needs updating, and better ways to present what is meant to be both an informative and entertaining web experience. I will be condensing the links section, as well as making other changes, both visually and structurally, in order to better showcase my work.
So keep an eye out for big changes for the coming year, along with the release of my newest novel at, coming soon to an e-reader near you!