Thirteen Years Ago

Thirteen years, it’s been, since an event that changed the course of my life, and nearly ended it. I’ve lost count, during those years, of the times I’ve had to defend the truth of those events., but I no longer do so; either my testimony is enough, or it is not. I do not pander to skeptics and the closed-minded, but instead only offer a different way of looking at the reality around us, in an attempt to widen the perspective of those who entertain a broader view, just as my perspective has been widened by the events I have experienced.
I used to think, back when pain was my sole companion, that it couldn’t get much worse, that I had experienced the worst life could throw at me, barring death, and that no matter what came next, it would have to be better than what I was going through.
Then, Ohio happened. Ohio, with its vile, corrupt, pathetic examples of ‘authority’ and ‘civil service’, such as Keith Loreno, the bloated, puckering asshole that is Mark Repp, and his miserable, double digit IQ cronies. These reprobates, none of them capable to surviving outside of their little shit-stain of a town, pervert justice and criminalize innocent people for the sake of a dollar, and to assuage their tiny egos, something that in another time, would have earned them a place behind bars, if they were lucky.
I’ll be writing more about these sick, twisted pieces of human filth in the future, of that, you can be sure. I have video I’ll be posting as well, as those that know me, know I make no claims that I can’t back up.
Speaking of videos, I’ll be making a good deal of them in the near future. In addition to writing, producing accompanying artwork, painting furniture, and caring for an energetic toddler, I am revamping both my art and writing sites. I put up the site back when I first started dabbling with web design. I had hoped to update the site on a regular basis, but with wearing so many hats, (not to mention all the time I’ve had to waste dealing with cowards in uniforms attempting to fuck with my life) there is never enough time to get everything finished as quickly as I would like. Still, the changes are coming. There will be some slight changes to the navigation, in order to make the catalog section more prominent, and may change the photo gallery section to better display the art I create for my writing. There will be new graphics in which to display the site, as well as some other changes, so stay tuned