Even More Website News

In addition to the other writing projects I have going, I have also begun the first full revision for this website in five years. Numerous things have kept me busy during that time, and the site was allowed to languish, aside from the updates made necessary by new art and writing releases. All new graphics, menus, and layout are coming soon! I’ll be updating the galleries section to better integrate the look into the overall scheme of the site, and updating the general function of the site. As with my art site, the blog will be the last section to be given an update; I’m just one person, and skinning wordpress blogs is a skill I’ve yet to develop. Never fear, however, for p0nce I set my eyes on a goal, I don’t rest until I achieve it.
Overall, I’m very pleased with the new look I”m developing. Similar to the current version, I’m keeping with stone textures, but am working on an overall tomb motif. I think the darker themes are much more suited to the theme of the site. Bright colors and happy fonts do not for a scary impression make.
The main graphics for the backgrounds of the pages have been finished, and now the real grunt work begins: navigation, titles, miscellaneous graphics, and lots of coding are still on the horizon. With luck, the site will be finished in time for the release of my long-awaited horror novel. I hope to be able to add print options in addition to the currently available e=reader formats for my various works.
So stay tuned = 2016 is shaping up to be a very productive year!