News – 12/26/15


As most will have already noticed, the new website revision is finished. Five years was way too long to go without changing the look of the site, but I wear many hats in addition to that of Author. Parent, artist, husband, and activist are but a few of the many I get to wear during a typical day. But now, going forward, I finally managed to squeeze in enough time in my busy schedule to rewrite the site. Sadly, some sections, like the links pages (my personal favorite) had to go, for various reasons. I hated to see them go, but I believe it was the right thing to do. I’ll be placing a good number of those links in upcoming blog posts.
As you can see, the blog portion of the site has not been skinned to match the rest of the site. I use WordPress for my blogs, and skinning them is a whole ‘nother animal when it comes to working in web design. I learn as much as I can by doing, and will get around to the blogs on both this site and my art site,