Current News – March 2016

Some upcoming projects:

In addition to having my novel, Highway Hypnosis, available on Smashwords, I am currently working on producing a print version that will be available through both the novels section of this website, as well as through Amazon.

I am currently working on the last two illustrations from the novel. I had originally hoped to include these in both the e-book and printed versions, but as many e-readers to not display in color, and to keep the cost of the printed version as affordable as possible, I have decided to make them available to those who purchase either version of the book when they are completed. I’ll be posting more details on this in the near future.

Meanwhile, I’ve begun two new writing projects – so stay tuned!


New Release – Highway Hypnosis

Greetings, everyone!

My long-overdue novel of dark suspense/horror, HIGHWAY HYPNOSIS, is now available for download from Smashwords!


When Howard Langford, electronics genius and pioneer in the world of virtual reality entertainment, falls asleep at the wheel, he awakens to find himself upon an alien highway, one that leads through a dimension where his darkest dreams have the ability to become flesh. Thrust into a hostile world, Howard must find a way to survive, all the while racing toward a confrontation with the evil force that has brought him to its feeding ground. Fighting for his sanity and his life, Howard must find a way back to his home world before he becomes just another victim of highway hypnosis.
You can obtain your copy here: Purchase Now