Missed Calling

I’ve speculated recently that perhaps I missed my true calling. Oh, I’m not ready to entirely give up writing fiction, don’t you worry – but I think I would be much better as an independent editorial writer or political journalist. I’d like to be that kind of novelist that never rocks the boat, that writes for as wide an audience as possible in order to maximize sales – but I just don’t know if I can do it. I see so much wrong with the world, with us, that I feel the almost constant urge to do whatever I can to bring those observations to light. The best way I know how to do this, is through writing.
So, in addition to posts about upcoming work, you will see a good number of ‘rant’ posts here in the future. I know I may lose a few fans in the process, and may stir up a bit of controversy, but that is the price that must be paid. I can not just sit, silent, while we send our entire species hurtling toward extinction. I hope I do tread on some toes, start some controversy, because then I will have done my job. I hope that by doing do, I can shed some light on issues facing us as human beings, and maybe even get some people mad enough to join in solving those issues.
One can only hope.