sometimes this little soul just wants to break free
of all the chains encompassing me
sometimes it just wants to dance and to sing
at the dawn of a day and the chances it brings

other times it wants to run and hide away
from the same old thing, just another day
no revelations, just more of the same
a toss of the dice, in a boring game

sometimes this little heart just wants to know love,
a warmth of emotion that fits like a glove,
sometimes it just wants to feel that need,
to find a way to heal, and not to bleed

At times this life is less than it seems
or perhaps I just live beyond my means
but I keep going on even despite those things
despite all the pain and lonliness it brings

For all those times and more times to come
they’re all we have, until all is done
I’ll reflect on those times, both good and bad,
as being all there was, those times we had

At times I’ll stop and Ill shed some tears
at all the memories of those far ago years
I’ll savor those times, the many and the few,
all those moments I got to spend with you

Just a little something I came up with on the ride home. Sometimes ideas come from out of nowhere, when you least suspect it.