Highway Hypnosis cover
Highway Hypnosis
Dark Suspense/Horror, 409 pages

Howard Langford is intelligent, driven, and at times even ruthless, but he is not a hero. When he falls asleep behind the wheel during a long drive, he awakens to find himself on a road he does not recognize, and is then forced to embark upon a terrifying journey through a dangerous dimension, a journey that will require acts of personal sacrifice and endurance he never previously believed possible. Fighting for both his sanity and his life, Howard must find the hero within himself as he struggles to discover a way back to his own world before the denizens of this nightmare realm can claim him for their own.

Permutations of Reality cover
Permutations of
Supernatural Suspense/Horror, 634 pages

Jeremy Engles lives a quiet if unassuming life, and he likes it that way. A kind and empathic soul, Jeremy prefers routine over adventure. With a house in a nice suburb, a good career, and a girlfriend he plans to marry, he is close to achieving his version of the American Dream. Within the space of minutes, however, everything in his life changes when Jeremy experiences a bizarre visionary event in which he suffers a painful and gruesome death, realistic in every detail, only to find himself whole again moments later, as if it had never happened. Further visions lead him to seek treatment, and when attempts at conventional diagnosis fail, Jeremy embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind these strange events, a search which will take him on a dimension- hopping journey across multiple realities, one complicated by machinations of those who are not as they appear. As both the visions and their effects upon his psyche escalate, Jeremy struggles to find the answers before his sanity, his freedom, and everything he holds dear is lost forever. Will he find the strength to face the profound truth behind his visions, or will he become forever lost within the infinite permutations of reality?