Monthly Archives: July 2023

Update 7-21


Once again, time has slipped by, despite my resolution to update on a regular basis.  It seems every time I make the determination to improve my life, it responds with a series of blindsiding events, often daisy-chained in such a way as to create a catch-22 situation in which forward motion is both difficult and limited, within a short span of time.  In the last two weeks, I’ve had to deal with not having a refrigerator for over a week, two major car repairs back to back to the tune of over $1600, and three other priority legal matters, all while working a grueling, physically demanding job. It has been said I have brought these matters upon myself, but I can pretty much dismiss this as utter horseshit; I both know my life better than those making such statements. and control neither random events, the deceitful actions of others, or a rigged system designed to siphon as much money and freedom as it can from the common man.  I can, however, do all I can not to allow such situations to repeat.  When I make mistakes, I do my utmost not to ever repeat them.

While this is helpful in the long run, it does not negate or prevent the short term effects.  I have had to pause in my audio production of ‘Strange Stories, Twisted, Tales‘ in order to deal with the latest set of crises, which came as expected once I committed to my plan to increase my income and better my environment, endeavors which alone are complicated matters, much less when planned in tandem.  Still, it will not matter in the end; life can throw whatever it wants at me, and I will persevere.  It may be the irresistable force, but when it comes to bettering myself, it may find I am the unmoving object.

So, as I will have little to no time to do anything but work on creating a less stressful and more profitable and peaceful atmosphere for myself, I regret my other projects will have to be on hold for a bit.  I will, however, return to them with vigor once I am successful, and will keep those dedicated few informed as things progress.

Until Next Time,