Audible Update: Easy Prey


As it turned out, I did not feel the last recording of the vampire entry in ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’, measured up to the newer versions, and decided to rerecord the story rather than simply add the music effects.  I am still working just about every night on this project, despite adding more work to an already crowded schedule, but my determination remains strong to deliver the best work I can.  I have less then twenty pages of the story left to go, which will make the track a little over an hour and a quarter long, by my current estimate.  Most of the stories fall into this category, with a few longer exceptions, such as “Boo”, and “Roadkill”, which I have already completed.

Once I have completed ‘Easy Prey’, I will have replaced all my previous work I lost when my computer died, and will move onto the second half of the work.  I am looking forward to being able to announce the book’s completion soon, and will continue to post updates as I complete more of the stories contained within my second effort.

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