Audible Update: Polymech pt. 2

Hello all,

I just wrapped the recording and processing of ‘Polymech’ from ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’ to release on Audible. This second project includes various title music and chapter transition sound effects, and the result is as eclectic in spirit as the original book, though time will tell if this is indeed a good thing.  I plan on taking my time with this project, and will burn the completed work onto CD’s for a few beta listeners, and hope for some good feedback.

Meanwhile,I believe the sound quality is good enough on the next segment, ‘Easy Prey’ to add the sound transitions without having to re-record the story for the third time, without sacrificing the quality overall.  A good thing, I would think.

Despite things being as busy as they are, it seems I have been able to update both my writing and art site blogs on a more regular basis. Amazing the things one can accomplish with the right focus.  Now if I could just have something other than a hate/hate relationship with my bodily health, I might actually get some real shit done.  Just sayin’.

Anyway, more to come.  Until next time,


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