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General announcements and updates


Greetings, all.

I’ve never been sure why I open my blog this way, as I have no idea how many actual viewers I have.  I could find out, and perhaps one day I’ll be curious enough to investigate, but it will do for now.  Contrary to the rantings of the ex, I do have more of an audience than some of my sales would indicate, a matter I will address with fervor in the future.

I’ve been working my ass off for the last several weeks, moving my belongings and furniture in preparation for yet another move.  Although a positive thing in itself, this move became necessary a couple weeks ahead of time, due to the actions of some small-minded narcissists.

Yes, I do seem to attract those, don’t I?

Only now, I make their lives a living hell, as it should be.

In this case, said narcissists were the owner of the complex where I was living, and also employed doing their maintenance and apartment turnovers (a job I took simply for the benefit of reduced travel times and rent), and my former boss, a little pot-bellied shit from Montana who delighted in insulting and berating his employees during hour-long de-motivational meetings.  I discovered the truth in how they would hire those they thought were desperate in order to retain control over their lives.  For the most part, this was true, but unlike their other employees, I had more than that job going for me, and bigger plans for my life.  So, when they began to make things intolerable, I left for a better job.  In return, they decided to have a snit, and it then became necessary to leave for a better environment.  This was greeted with predictable behavior, and I was quick to shut that shit down.

Come this Friday, I will begin the strenuous transition in to what I plan to be my last apartment. Once that is done, I will not rest, but will begin to once again turn out the creative work that has been languishing in creative Limbo for the last few months.  I will be starting a video series on the life of a horror author, which will serve as an insight into the life and mind of Yours Truly. I will post the link to the channel when I post, of course, so stay tuned.

Until Next Time,


Vapor Trails

Greetings, all,

The inevitable hand of Fate has attempted to give me the finger, only to find it broken off at the knuckle.  These things happen, and I’ve learned to roll with them and keep on trucking.  Fortunately for me, I was able to finish the Audible version of Strange Stories, Twisted Tales before life became hectic, and delayed the project yet again.

I won’t begin the recording of my third book, ‘Permutations of Reality’, until after I have set up a new studio for all my creative projects.  Great things often have small beginnings, and despite the turmoil and stress, the events transpiring now are important to my overall life-plan, and should mark the last time I rent before finding a more permanent home.  Once the move is complete, I foresee a massive explosion of creative projects coming on both the writing and visual fronts, and I can hardly wait until that moment arrives.

I have also planned to begin a YouTube channel for my life as a writer and other topics, similar to the one I have for my visual arts projects, and this will also have to wait a bit before I can make that a reality, though it is very tempting to record some videos of the current situation for editing later. Entertainment value aside, I think such a channel would go far in revealing the life and processes of this particular writer, and might even be of some use to those experiencing similar events.  Again, a project I have hungered to begin for some time, and once I have finished this current move, one I will pursue with vigor.

So, lots more to come.  The next month will be trying, to be sure, but once it is in my rear view, I expect to make up for the time I’ve lost creatively for the last several years.  I am anxious to experience such a creative explosion, and look forward to writing my first post from my new studio.

Until Next Time,


Another Orbit


I never know how many people I am actually welcoming; I haven’t posted notifications for my posts on social media lately, though I do my best to remain active on what channels I can.

Things have been moving quickly, and I have had to burn some serious calories in order to keep up, working on a number of projects simultaneously, as I have mentioned earlier.  I did take a day to celebrate another orbit around the sun, as most do, but now it is time to get back to work.  Once I finish recording ‘Easy Prey‘ from Strange Stories, Twisted Tales, I will have finished re-recording stories I lost in the Great Disk Disaster, and will be able to move on to new material.

It has also crossed my mind to take another look at my recording of my first novel, in the event I need to replace that one as well.  The long range goal to make my recording services available through Audible for freelance projects, and the best way to do that is to deliver the highest quality possible.  It is my hope to reach a marketable level by the time I finish recording my third novel.

On the writing front, I may have to delay the production of my next book, a non-fiction work aimed at male victims of domestic abuse, until I can move to a more habitable environment. This may not be a significant delay, if any, if events continue to move at their current speed. I also have my next two fiction novels planned, and will give more details on those as they develop.

All in all, it looks as if this new orbit will be an interesting, and busy, one.

Until next time,



Hello all,

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  Life has converged as it has a way of doing into a high energy state, and I’ve had to burn a good number of calories in order to keep up.  This has had the unfortunate side effect of leaving no time for recording for the last week. With luck, I’ll be back to finishing ‘Easy Prey’ for Audible by the end of next week.

In addition to the audio work I am doing for my written work, I have begun creating videos for my artistic work, which has made it necessary to learn the software needed in order to produce them.  I enjoy the process, though I do wish I had more time in order to perfect these aspects of my platform.  This is the goal, of course, for regardless of the form, I’ve always done better, both financially and emotionally, when I have been able to work for myself. Despite the setbacks, this remains, and I work to bring that goal to reality.  This means that the coming year is going to be a busy one, and I am looking forward to the many positive things to come.

Until next time,


Audible Update: Easy Prey


As it turned out, I did not feel the last recording of the vampire entry in ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’, measured up to the newer versions, and decided to rerecord the story rather than simply add the music effects.  I am still working just about every night on this project, despite adding more work to an already crowded schedule, but my determination remains strong to deliver the best work I can.  I have less then twenty pages of the story left to go, which will make the track a little over an hour and a quarter long, by my current estimate.  Most of the stories fall into this category, with a few longer exceptions, such as “Boo”, and “Roadkill”, which I have already completed.

Once I have completed ‘Easy Prey’, I will have replaced all my previous work I lost when my computer died, and will move onto the second half of the work.  I am looking forward to being able to announce the book’s completion soon, and will continue to post updates as I complete more of the stories contained within my second effort.

Until Next Time,


Audible Update – Roadkill


I have finished recording “Roadkill“, the second story in “Strange Stories, Twisted Tales“, for Audible.  Again.  I say that with humor, because although I have done the story a total of three times, the quality of the recording has improved with each iteration.  This version is complete with title music and sound transitions, a process I began after recording several stories for the Audible version.  Thus, several of the later stories have already been finished, along with the sound effec5s, but the idea did not become firmly implanted until I was about a third of the way through re-recording the book after losing my hard drive.

I do enjoy the learning process involved in this work, and look forward to bringing the remaining stories to life.  I am doing my best to remain patient, despite my desire to finish and release the book, as I want to continually raise the bar in order to bring the best of my work to the public.  Only time will tell if I will be successful.  In the meantime, I will continue to work and learn.

Until Next Time,


Audible Update: Jan. 28, 2024

Greetings all,

Another update in less than a week you say? Inconceivable!  No, but considering how much I have on my plate at the moment, it comes as a surprise.  In the midst of a number of new events in my life, I do my best to retain something of a schedule in recording ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales‘ for Audible.  One of my least productive traits was that I have allowed my excitement at bringing a work to fruition that it became my own worst enemy.  In having to record my work multiple times, I have begun to learn some patience in regards to the recording process, and I think the result has been well worth the effort, so much so that at some point in the future, I will have to revise the narration of my first novel as well.

Learning new skills – narration, audio recording and mixing, has been an interesting experience so far, despite the learning curve.  I have always enjoyed learning new skills, and have seen some improvement in these areas since I first began.  It is my hope to eventually open myself to commissioned narration work in the future, and as long as I continue to learn and apply that knowledge, it does not seem to be an unreasonable goal.

There are three more stories I need to re-record for clarity and to add the sound transitions and title music before I can more on to the second half of the book.  I will continue to post updates on my progress, so stay tuned!

Until Next Time,


Audible Update Jan. 24, 2024


I finished recording another story for the Audible version of ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales‘ this evening.  The tracks have been improving significantly since my decision to add various sound effects and music.  This could just be the natural result of learning, or perhaps I have developed a higher standard for what I wish to present as a finished work.  Either way, I am hopeful the result will be a pleasing one.

It has been hectic since my last update.  I have moved on from my previous job, and start a new position in a little over eight hours.  It is the beginning of a new chapter, one I hope will lead to more positive changes in the future.  I have a great many projects on the horizon, things I want to announce, but will hold off until I have something concrete to show.  In the meantime, keep checking back for more updates.

Until Next Time,


Audible Update & Other News


In the course of attempting to raise the standard for my recordings, it has become necessary to redo some of my previous work, both in order to add the accompanying title and transition effects, but for an overall consistent tone in terms of recording levels, which can vary depending on a number of factors.  This has not been a disappointment – I rarely see things that way any more – but as an opportunity to improve my craft, one which I have been embracing with enthusiasm.

Speaking of opportunities, it has been evident for some time that I need to make certain changes in my life in order to continue the healing process from the decade of abuse I suffered at the hands of the court system and my ex (a process which infuriates her kind to where they continue to attempt to wound regardless of success).  One of these opportunities has arisen, and it looks like certain aspects of my life will indeed improve.  Of course, this means I have to have some energy and drive to get through the transition, but it is nothing I haven’t done before.  I have given, and continue to give, considerable thought to this process, and have decided to keep my recording schedule as uninterrupted as possible.  This decision was made in no small part because I plan on publishing at least one book this year – two if I can help it.

I’ll give more details in coming updates.

Until next time,

~ Namaste

A New Year, A New Audible Update


It has been a whirlwind these last few weeks, and I do not see them slowing down any time soon,  In fact, I expect the pace to increase significantly over the coming months.  I am not sure how things will play out – it is a turbulent time as the world stands on the brink, and I have a feeling the coming year will reach critical mass.  I am fully aware of how little control I have over such matters, and can only control what I can do.  I have to press on, and do the best to improve myself, both as an author, and as a human being.  I have more upcoming projects than time, and it will take a great deal of fortitude to keep things on schedule.  I will write more about this in a future update.

Speaking of schedule, I have finished re-recording ‘Boo!’ as well as ‘Groovin’ to the Zombie Apocalypse’, complete with title and chapter audio transitions, and will divide my recording time between the remaining stories, and those I have previously recorded.

I have some book news as well, but that will have to wait until another entry.  So many projects, so little time.

Until next time,