Cover for Strange Stories, Twisted Tales

Strange Stories, Twisted Tales

Horror/Fantasy/Science Fiction, 439 pages

Some stories are a bit strange, some are perhaps even a little twisted. These are the stories that take us on sometimes dark and dangerous adventures, to places many would fear to tread. Collected among the pages of this volume are ten such journeys, including: An otherworldly musician who teaches two would-be thieves the true power of music... A woman pursued by a terrifying unseen predator along a country road... A teenage slacker who discovers his true calling after a zombie apocalypse... A vampire connoisseur who preys on fans of a popular paranormal romance series... A paranormal investigation that goes horribly wrong when it encounters a centuries-old curse...and more. So come, dear reader, come and explore some of the darker corners of imagination with these strange stories and twisted tales. You might even like it.