News and Audible Update 2-24


There have been quite a few things happening since my last post, so here is a quick update to catch up on what has become an exciting time.

On the news side of the coin, I have started a new day job, one which will allow me to use my after work hours for something more productive than rest.  Although slow to relieve the effects of my last job, I am starting to regain my energy, and have been devoting my time to both my Audible project, and the task of looking for a future new home and studio.

I have finished part one of ‘Roadkill’, one of about a dozen stories that comprise “Strange Stories, Twisted Tales”, complete with accompanying sound transitions and title music.  I am taking my time with the recording and producing of this work; one of my main flaws as a creative was I allowed my excitement at releasing new work to rush me, and the final result would suffer as a result.  Learning the skills associated with recording a book for Audible has had a beneficial effect in this regard, and allowed me to slow down in order to give the best performance and product of which I am capable.  Part of this tale begins tonight.  I have been more satisfied with the results than I expected and hope to have more news in the near future.  Several other announcements are on the way, so stay tuned!

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