Update: Dec. 7, 2020


I’ve been on a creative streak of late, so naturally, something had to come along and interrupt it. Along with the many indignities I suffered while incarcerated for a crime I did not commit, the water in the facility destroyed the fillings in my teeth, and damaged them as well. This did not present any immediate danger – I’ve been busy doing what I can to rebuild my life, and my physical limitations have made this a slower progression than I would like.
This changed on Saturday morning, when I was awakened by an ache in my jaw. Thinking it was a temporary sensitivity, I took a few OTC pain relievers and went about my business. Typical Aries shit, you know?
I did my best to manage the pain, getting no sleep whatsoever that night, but by early afternoon on Sunday, the pain had escalated to beyond an 8 on the pain scale, and liberal use of Oragel, two extra strength pain relievers, and a 30mg Tramadol could do nothing to help. I discovered a swelling from the tooth to the bottom of my jaw, and scheduled an emergency dental appointment for Monday morning.
That did nothing to help the pain. So, off I went to the emergency room. By the time I reached the hospital, there was no doubt an abcess forming under one of my cracked teeth, and my blood pressure read 192/119.
They gave me a couple pain pills, an antibiotic, and a topical anesthetic, along with prescriptions for the same. Unfortunately, the pharmacy will not open until tomorrow, so the double dose they gave me in the emergency room will have to last until I can get the scrip filled. As I write this, the swelling in my jaw has grown considerably. I hope I am able to hit it with another dose of antibiotics before my appointment tomorrow.
As it is, I am beginning to resemble either Marlon Brando in the Godfather, or Joseph Merrick. The pain is manageable…for now…but there are several hours of pain ahead, then more pain, and then recovery, and I have to be stable by the coming weekend, as my little one has my attention that weekend.
Like I said. Something has to go wrong, because I was feeling way too good.
Yup. When I am chock full of pain-killers, I sometimes quote song lyrics or engage in other various types of wordplay. Sometimes they land, sometimes they don’t, and I usually am in no state to care.
Looking forward to tomorrow. I’ll give the dentist an offer he can’t refuse…
Not really.

Until next time…


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