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Greetings, all,

The inevitable hand of Fate has attempted to give me the finger, only to find it broken off at the knuckle.  These things happen, and I’ve learned to roll with them and keep on trucking.  Fortunately for me, I was able to finish the Audible version of Strange Stories, Twisted Tales before life became hectic, and delayed the project yet again.

I won’t begin the recording of my third book, ‘Permutations of Reality’, until after I have set up a new studio for all my creative projects.  Great things often have small beginnings, and despite the turmoil and stress, the events transpiring now are important to my overall life-plan, and should mark the last time I rent before finding a more permanent home.  Once the move is complete, I foresee a massive explosion of creative projects coming on both the writing and visual fronts, and I can hardly wait until that moment arrives.

I have also planned to begin a YouTube channel for my life as a writer and other topics, similar to the one I have for my visual arts projects, and this will also have to wait a bit before I can make that a reality, though it is very tempting to record some videos of the current situation for editing later. Entertainment value aside, I think such a channel would go far in revealing the life and processes of this particular writer, and might even be of some use to those experiencing similar events.  Again, a project I have hungered to begin for some time, and once I have finished this current move, one I will pursue with vigor.

So, lots more to come.  The next month will be trying, to be sure, but once it is in my rear view, I expect to make up for the time I’ve lost creatively for the last several years.  I am anxious to experience such a creative explosion, and look forward to writing my first post from my new studio.

Until Next Time,


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