Goodbye, Boris


Boris, my friend and companion of 6 years, passed away on May 15, 2012, two months to the day after his bonded Nastasha passed over the rainbow bridge, and into the summerland. These amazingly curious, always bouncy little balls of fur bring more personality and love for life into one’s home than many people, and are so much more complex than many people realize. He and Natasha were both rescues, and during a particularly dark period in my life, when I was struggling with a number of issues related to my auto accident a few years previous, were my only real companionship. They helped me through a difficult time, and though Michelle and I gave him the best we could, we could never give him enough to express the value of his effect on my life. We had a good many adventures, and although we had six good years together, it seems to have gone by in a flash. Perhaps these little creatures live their lives in the moment because they know their time is short, and they want to enjoy as much of it as they can.
Perhaps we can all learn a bit from these carefree little animals. Live life while you can, for it is over all too soon.

R.I.P Mia


I haven’t posted for awhile. The main reason for this is that Michelle and I suffered the sudden and untimely loss of our beloved Staffordshire Terrier, Mia, on April 4 of this year. Mia was a rescue, and had come into our care through a series of unfortunate events. We gave her the life she had longed for, only to have that time cut short.

It was during late night walks with her that I became inspired to write the few pieces of poetry found on this site. Something about our time together brought me closer to my muse, and that is a rare quality.


Despite the reputation normally attributed to pit bulls, she was a beautiful and loyal animal, who never failed to convey not only her appreciation for the slightest courtesy, but her love for those around her. She will truly be missed.