Audible Update – Nobody’s Hero


After a great deal of trial and error, I decided to change up my recording workflow in an attempt to speed up the process, a move which seems to have been successful.  I managed to record and process ‘Nobody’s Hero‘, the quirky superhero entry from ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales‘,in just a bit over 3 days. The last day of processing was more extensive than it needed to be; a week of overhead painting left me sore and exhausted, and I took a few hours off to regain my energy,.

Overall, the new workflow means a faster overall turnaround time, obviously, but it proves to me that while I might sometimes be slow, I am still capable of learning new tricks, and enjoying that journey, something that has existed within me for as long as I can remember, and a defining quality I hope I never lose.

I have but two tales left to record from that tome, and will continue to open myself to improving the narration process as I go, as I both enjoy the process, and have since childhood, but also for my absolute distaste of AI generated narration, which motivates me to keep going when my butt starts to go numb from sitting in front of the microphone.  I will continue to post updates on my progress as usual, and hope to have this puppy ready for release soon.

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