Audible Update: 4-10-2023


I have officially begun my first attempt at narration, recording my first novel, Highway Hypnosis for release on Audible.  It has turned out to be an interesting process, and this has given me a clue to just how much work goes into video and sound production.  The learning curve for the software end has not proven difficult so far, but that cannot be said about the actual voice work. I am not a stranger to narration, having recorded books for remedial reading students back in the day, but it is not as easy as it appears. I have confidence I will improve with time, however, and look forward to gaining experience in this new endeavor.  Should this go well, I may even hire myself out for other work in that field on a freelance basis.

I have five chapters completed so far, with another twenty-three to go.  Upon completion, I plan on beginning the second book immediately.  With luck, this project will be finished in time for me to begin compiling the manuscript for my next work, which will be a non-fiction account of the my struggle against narcissistic abuse, not something in line with my usual work, but something I feel I must complete for both personal healing and to help other men who may be in similar situations.

Stay tuned for progress and release updates.  There is plenty more to come!

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