Audible Update – 4/4


After successfully surviving another decade, I found myself energized and in a strangely positive mood.  The year has seen some good things happen, with the signs showing the promise of more to come, and this has contributed to lessening my anxiety, and given me the determination and energy to work on making my writing into a full time career.  An uptake of recent sales (thank you all!) has helped in this, as well as the production of hardback versions of my books, and I’ve used this to begin the process of producing Audible versions of my work as well, with yours truly serving as narrator.

I have purchased what I hope is a decent microphone, and begun the process of learning the Audacity program for recording the sound files which are necessary for conversion into an audio book. Depending on how quickly I can assimilate this, I will begin recording test files within the next few days.  I can say I am looking forward to this new project with great enthusiasm.  I have always enjoyed reading aloud, and the prospect of adding that skill to my revenue set is just icing on the enjoyment cake, not to mention giving hope to be able to continue making a living as the physical issues I deal with advance with time.  Should the process prove enjoyable, I will likely open myself to narrating work by other authors on a freelance basis, something I think would be both fun and profitable.

I will keep posting updates for this and my other projects, so stay tuned!

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