Audible Update: 5-29-2023


Well, after many hours of recording and audio processing, I have uploaded my first novel, Highway Hypnosis, to Audible.  The files are in review, and I should get a response within ten business days, according to their website.  I will begin recording the various stories in Strange Stories, Twisted Tales within the next day or do…unless I can’t resist getting back to reading, in which case it could be as early as tonight.

It is my plan, hope really, that by the time I get to my third book, that  will have become proficient enough at the process that I may begin to do some freelance narration work.  I have to find something, after all – my current job is a narcissistic nightmare and both emotionally physically destructive.  The damage done to me physically by the results of narcissistic and legal abuse has left me technically disabled, and these effects are exacerbated by the physical demands of my ‘day job’.  Narration is not only something I enjoy, but is work that I can perform at my own pace, and around the limitations I face on a daily basis.

I’ll be sure to announce when the Audible version of my novel is ready for purchase.  Thanks again for any and all who follow this blog.

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