Greetings all,

For the last several weeks, I have been endeavoring to record my first novel, Highway Hypnosis, for release on Audible.  As thus dealt with a field of technology with which I was previously unfamiliar, I expected the learning curve to be high, and though this has turned out to be true, it did not deter me; i have always enjoyed learning new things, and this was no exception.  I knew my present day job would slow the process, and I accepted that as part of the dues one must pay, and it did not affect my enthusiasm.

My environment, however, is another story,  Apparently, I have a pair of were-hippopotami living in the apartment above me, who seen to take delight in stomping around 24 hours a day.  This has become a source of great frustration, for the usual soundproofing available to an amateur is ineffective against the sonic boom footsteps emanating from above.  It is the one thing that cannot be solved by increased study or practice; it can only be solved by changing the location of where I live, or creating a remote recording booth where the sounds of stampeding feet will not interfere.  At present, neither option is readily available, but for every problem, there is a solution…although in this case that may take the form of a harpoon (kidding).  Even as I type this, at after 2 am, my ceiling sounds like it is about to collapse, not the best environment for recording.  Or sleep.

I’ll continue to press on, however,  I will not allow such things to prevent me from releasing my work on Audible, and will continue to update my progress. so stay tuned.

Until next time,


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