Just When You Think It’s Over

Just when you think it’s over – you find another reason to edit.
I’m currently editing my novel – again – as the review of my digital proof turned up more items that left me unsatisfied. I’m up to chapter 10, and will post more news as I progress. I’d like to be able to announce a final publication date, but I’m engaged in several enterprises at the moment in addition to working full-time, and the human body can only work so hard before it begins to break down. So, in order to maintain both my physical and mental health, I do my best not to overwork myself in any one direction.
Still, I’m hoping to finish my last edit within the next few weeks, and will releasing both the e-book and print editions at that time.
I’ve learned much in the process of creating this first novel, and will be sure to streamline the process for future works. Editing is the most important (and most tedious) part of the writing process, and as I am a perfectionist, will continue that process as many times as necessary to ensure the best possible result. I’ve worked on this novel for a long time, and refuse to release anything that does not meet my standards in terms of format and editing.
In other writing news, I’ve been working on a new novel, which I hope to release by the end of the year, as well as a short story that will be included in a later collection. More details are forthcoming, so be sure to visit often!
Until next time, I hope all my watchers are having a glorious summer.


Book News – June 10

After several false starts, I believe I have managed to complete what I hope will be the final edit for my novel. It was only after receiving the printed proof that I began noticing small but annoying things that needed correction. Most of these were the result of previous edits, such as double periods, the occasional spacing error, and missing words or letters (the result of too many cut and paste operations). The electronic version has already been uploaded, and can be found here. 177k words of scary goodness, people. All that and more for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee.
Buy it.
You know you want to.

As far as the print version goes, I’ll be reviewing the proof, in either electronic or print form, one last time (fingers crossed) before making it available on Amazon. I was very satisfied with the printing and binding quality last time around, and with any luck, will not find any interior printing errors.

I’ve also transferred the final illustration for the novel to a board for painting, and hope to have progress pictures soon. As I have posted earlier, I plan on producing prints of these illustrations, and making them available as part of a giveaway in relation to the release of the print version of Highway Hypnosis.

So, until my next post,

Book News – April 29, 2016

I have ordered a proof for my debut horror novel, “Highway Hypnosis”, and should have a copy by May 9th. Barring any printing errors, I should have it available on both my site and through Amazon by mid-May.
I have also begun the last illustration for the novel, which will be available as an 8 1/2″x 11″ print, along with the previous 4, as a giveaway – details will be forthcoming when they are completed.

In other writing news, I have recently begun my second novel, and have 23k words so far on the first draft. I am hopeful to have it completed by the end of summer. More details as the work progresses.

Hope everyone is having a successful and productive 2016!


Book News – April, pt. 2

I am currently waiting on a reply regarding my cover and interior pages for Highway Hypnosis. Once this is done, I can order a proof for review before making the paperback version available on my site.
The biggest hurdle, so far, has been an apparent problem in file translation, and by this I mean a change in the actual files when I upload them . PDF and image files that are created to meet their specifications seem to magically change to a lower dpi when uploaded. I’ve installed new software, experimented with a variety of settings, and still I get error messages from the site telling me the dpi is lower than their standard. I have to wonder, what internet gremlins are working their destructive magic on these files?
Eventually, I’ll get to the bottom of this, and follow whatever procedures are necessary in order to get my work processed in a reasonable amount of time. In the meantime, I’ll let everyone know when the paperback version is available through Amazon and other outlets.
Also, both my works are still available in ebook formats:
The Minstrel (novella): Purchase here – only $0.99
Highway Hypnosis: Purchase here – only $4.99

Till then,

Book News – April 2016

My horror novel, ‘Highway Hypnosis’, has a new cover. The original painted cover will be available, along with the other painted illustrations, as a limited edition series of prints. I’ll post further news when they are completed.
The formatting and cover for the print version of this novel of dark suspense/horror has been completed, and I am currently awaiting a proof copy. The paperback version will be in 6″ x 9″ format, and is 410 pages. It will be available through this site and Amazon within the next few weeks.

Here’s the new cover. I opted for a more photographic appearance, as it has proven more popular in the marketplace.

Highway Hypnosis - Cover

Highway Hypnosis – Cover

The E-book version is available for $4.99 -still less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks! Click here to purchase a copy.
The paperback version will be available through Amazon and this site for $14.99. I had hoped for a lower price point, but this was made necessary in order for the book to be distributed to book stores. Still, it’s cheaper than a good many titles of the same length, and I feel a fair price, considering the effort and time. I hope my readers will enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

till next time –


Highway Hypnosis – Update

The revised version of ‘Highway Hypnosis’ is now available on Smashwords, and can be purchased here.

The new manuscript has been completely revised, following the apparent loss of the edited manuscript. The paperback version will be available soon, and I will update the appropriate pages on the site when becomes available. The cover layout has been completed, and should be on Amazon in the near future. The length of the paperback will be 402 pages, and I’m quite excited. This novel has been a labor of love for me for quite some time, and I am glad to be able to now move on to other creative projects.
One of these will be illustrations from the novel, which I will be offering as free prints in the future. Further details are forthcoming, so stay tuned!


News – April 2016

First, an apology to anyone who downloaded a sample of my recent novel, ‘Highway Hypnosis’. It appears the manuscript was NOT the final edited copy. I have been working to correct this, and the new version will be up soon. I’ll announce when the corrected version is available here on my blog. I’m not sure if the full edited version got lost, was over-written on my hard drive, or something else, but even though I did spot the error almost immediately, the finished version is apparently lost, and I had to edit the manuscript again. The finished version will be worth the download.

Second, I am currently working on the print version of ‘Highway Hypnosis’ as well, and it will be available through Amazon within the next few weeks. More details will be forthcoming when it is completed.

Third, I am also working on illustrations for the novel, which will be available to those who purchase either version of the book. I’ll post more details when they are available.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring.


Current News – March 2016

Some upcoming projects:

In addition to having my novel, Highway Hypnosis, available on Smashwords, I am currently working on producing a print version that will be available through both the novels section of this website, as well as through Amazon.

I am currently working on the last two illustrations from the novel. I had originally hoped to include these in both the e-book and printed versions, but as many e-readers to not display in color, and to keep the cost of the printed version as affordable as possible, I have decided to make them available to those who purchase either version of the book when they are completed. I’ll be posting more details on this in the near future.

Meanwhile, I’ve begun two new writing projects – so stay tuned!


New Release – Highway Hypnosis

Greetings, everyone!

My long-overdue novel of dark suspense/horror, HIGHWAY HYPNOSIS, is now available for download from Smashwords!


When Howard Langford, electronics genius and pioneer in the world of virtual reality entertainment, falls asleep at the wheel, he awakens to find himself upon an alien highway, one that leads through a dimension where his darkest dreams have the ability to become flesh. Thrust into a hostile world, Howard must find a way to survive, all the while racing toward a confrontation with the evil force that has brought him to its feeding ground. Fighting for his sanity and his life, Howard must find a way back to his home world before he becomes just another victim of highway hypnosis.
You can obtain your copy here: Purchase Now

A Special Thank You

I’ve written previously about how there was something inside of me, something I had never been able to pin down, something that had haunted me throughout my entire life, but I picked it almost subconsciously, not really thinking about the implications. I certainly never knew, despite the occasional flash of insight, and regardless of near constant introspection, of just what it was, or how deep it ran. It took meeting my wife, and her insights, to make me aware of issues that I had been suffering from since childhood. It affected every area of my life, and I was foolishly ignorant of the symptoms, and even more so the cause. It intruded into her life as well, and though it caused her so much pain, threatened to pull us apart forever, she somehow found the strength and the means to finally make me aware, to wake me up to how much I need to rid myself of it forever, for me, for her, and for our family.
She is amazing, my wife. Anyone else would have given up on me long ago; god knows everyone else did, but even though she found it necessary to protect herself, she somehow has held onto the good parts she sees in me, and continues to do what she can to help me in my darkest hour. I want to thank her for this, for her love, for her tenacity, and for being the one person that could, and has, made all the difference.
Thank you, Dragonfly, for being all those things and more. Without you, I would never have seen the truth, would still be unaware of just how much I affected not only myself, but everyone around me. Thank you for being honest, for being there in those moments where I was ready to give up, for just being you.
There will coma day when my demons are slain, when I can once again be completely free, to love and be loved, to enjoy the life I was meant to have It will a happy, glorious day when I do so, and it is all because of someone who I can never thank enough, who is beyond description, and who I love with all my heart. I hope that when that day comes, those who follow my blog will celebrate; it will mark a new chapter in my life, one I know will be filled with all the things I have been denied for so long.
I wish you all well, and hope that if you have demons, that you find a way to slay them once and for all.