Audible Update – Roadkill


I have finished recording “Roadkill“, the second story in “Strange Stories, Twisted Tales“, for Audible.  Again.  I say that with humor, because although I have done the story a total of three times, the quality of the recording has improved with each iteration.  This version is complete with title music and sound transitions, a process I began after recording several stories for the Audible version.  Thus, several of the later stories have already been finished, along with the sound effec5s, but the idea did not become firmly implanted until I was about a third of the way through re-recording the book after losing my hard drive.

I do enjoy the learning process involved in this work, and look forward to bringing the remaining stories to life.  I am doing my best to remain patient, despite my desire to finish and release the book, as I want to continually raise the bar in order to bring the best of my work to the public.  Only time will tell if I will be successful.  In the meantime, I will continue to work and learn.

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