Audible Update: 12-28-23


Another year is drawing to a close, but my artistic efforts have no signs of slowing,  I work on one or more projects just about every day, barring my daughter’s visits (although I do sometimes find the occasional opportunity in the wee hours), and on those days, I follow pretty much the same routine.  After work, I eat dinner and perform any errands that need completing before spending about an hour or so with my newfound love: my 1987 Fender Precision Lyte Bass, given to me by my uncle before he passed away. This takes the form of playing Rocksmith 2014, which was a gift to me from my daughters, and an excellent way to learn to play an instrument.  Once I’m finished with my musical release therapy (kidding…maybe), I then sit down to a good 2-4 hours of recording time.

Currently, I am working on part 3 of BOO! from ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales‘, the longest novella in the volume, and likely my third favorite.  The story is a little over a hundred pages long, and translates to a bit over 3 1/2 hours.  I’ve been learning more as I go, and apply whatever I learn to the next project, such as adding sound effect transitions and title music to the tracks.  I felt this was a definite positive step, but I do wish I had decided upon that course of action before I had recorded half the book.  Once I am done with the current story, I will have to go back and add these effects to the previous stories.  Not a daunting task, but one which will take a bit of time.  I do feel the result will be worth the effort, however, and look forward to being able to release this book in the Audible format in the new year.

Until we meet again,


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