Audible Update 12-13-23


As promised, I am making an attempt to provide more updates on both my writing and art sites.  I have just finished my recording session for the night, in  my second attempt to bring my second work, ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’, to Audible.  On most nights, I follow pretty much the same routine.  Once home from my day job, I take care of dinner and other tasks, perhaps enjoy a bit of bass practice, before spending two or three hours on front of a microphone, and using an audio editor to process the recording.  As I may have mentioned earlier, I am adding sound transitions (and perhaps some opening and closing theme music) to my second attempt,  The upside to this is that it has steepened the learning curve, allowing me to hopefully bring a more rich experience to the listener.  The downside, is the fact I had this idea halfway through the book, and will now have to go back and add them to at least two of the stories I have previously recorded, if not more.  I don’t mind this, actually, if the final product ends being one of which I can be proud to have created.

Well, that’s about all the time I have for tonight.  I must rest in order to attack another day of relentless labor with something approaching competence, if not enthusiasm.

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