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Audible Update & Other News


In the course of attempting to raise the standard for my recordings, it has become necessary to redo some of my previous work, both in order to add the accompanying title and transition effects, but for an overall consistent tone in terms of recording levels, which can vary depending on a number of factors.  This has not been a disappointment – I rarely see things that way any more – but as an opportunity to improve my craft, one which I have been embracing with enthusiasm.

Speaking of opportunities, it has been evident for some time that I need to make certain changes in my life in order to continue the healing process from the decade of abuse I suffered at the hands of the court system and my ex (a process which infuriates her kind to where they continue to attempt to wound regardless of success).  One of these opportunities has arisen, and it looks like certain aspects of my life will indeed improve.  Of course, this means I have to have some energy and drive to get through the transition, but it is nothing I haven’t done before.  I have given, and continue to give, considerable thought to this process, and have decided to keep my recording schedule as uninterrupted as possible.  This decision was made in no small part because I plan on publishing at least one book this year – two if I can help it.

I’ll give more details in coming updates.

Until next time,

~ Namaste

Audible Update 12-13-23


As promised, I am making an attempt to provide more updates on both my writing and art sites.  I have just finished my recording session for the night, in  my second attempt to bring my second work, ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’, to Audible.  On most nights, I follow pretty much the same routine.  Once home from my day job, I take care of dinner and other tasks, perhaps enjoy a bit of bass practice, before spending two or three hours on front of a microphone, and using an audio editor to process the recording.  As I may have mentioned earlier, I am adding sound transitions (and perhaps some opening and closing theme music) to my second attempt,  The upside to this is that it has steepened the learning curve, allowing me to hopefully bring a more rich experience to the listener.  The downside, is the fact I had this idea halfway through the book, and will now have to go back and add them to at least two of the stories I have previously recorded, if not more.  I don’t mind this, actually, if the final product ends being one of which I can be proud to have created.

Well, that’s about all the time I have for tonight.  I must rest in order to attack another day of relentless labor with something approaching competence, if not enthusiasm.

Until Next Time,


Update: 11-21-2023


Now that my new computer has been set up successfully, I will be making a greater effort to post more in the future.

There is much going on, and so many things to cover… Time will not allow for me to cover them all at this point, but I will be posting these developments soon.

I am continuing my efforts to record my second book, ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’, for Audible, and am almost at the point where my former computer died (RIP Asmodeus). Well, I will be after I complete the story following the one I am processing now.  I am continuing to learn the trade, and hone my narration and recording skills,  and it is my desire to bring the best effort I can to the table.

Although the recording is now my Main Project, there are many other creative projects on my slate in the upcoming year.  Two more books, minimum, are just the beginning.  I have also determined to renew my other art site, Reincarnations.com, and produce another slate of painted furniture.  As usual, I find myself wishing I could devote myself to my sites and creative work as my main profession, but all good things in time.

I will have more news coming soon.

Until Next time,


New Release! Strange Stories, Twisted Tales

New horror fiction anthology Out Now

My newest book, ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’, is now available on Amazon US in both paperback and e-book formats
It is also available on other Amazon markets, but I don’t have the link to those. Please search by title or author if you are living outside the Amazon US delivery service.

And now for the cover reveal!

Cover for Strange Stories, Twisted Tales

Cover – Strange Stories, Twisted Tales

This new volume is more than just a horror anthology; it contains short stories and novellas that span a number of genres, all with a touch of the strange and bizarre, and a bit of dark humor here and there.
Some are horror,while others could be classified as suspense, strange fiction, and even a touch of sci-fi.  So please, feel free to check out the link!

Please feel free to leave a review. I always appreciate feedback.


Update 2-15-20

As those who have been following my blog may know, things have been difficult for me for some time. I only have limited internet capabilities at the moment, and have been using what time was afforded me as judiciously as I can. As may be apparent, I have made some changes to the website in order to make it more streamlined, and to be mobile friendly, something that is becoming increasingly vital. There are still a number of small tweaks that need to be made, but I am pleased with the overall look.
Also, in between dealing with a number of personal difficulties, and perhaps in spite of them, I have been working on my next soon to be published work, a collection of stories I hope to release in the next few months. These are stories that I have written over a period of time in a few different genres, but all with a touch of the dark and bizarre. I’ll do an official cover reveal when the time is right.
That’s about it for now. I’ll be updating more pages soon. Stay tuned!