Audible Update & Other News


In the course of attempting to raise the standard for my recordings, it has become necessary to redo some of my previous work, both in order to add the accompanying title and transition effects, but for an overall consistent tone in terms of recording levels, which can vary depending on a number of factors.  This has not been a disappointment – I rarely see things that way any more – but as an opportunity to improve my craft, one which I have been embracing with enthusiasm.

Speaking of opportunities, it has been evident for some time that I need to make certain changes in my life in order to continue the healing process from the decade of abuse I suffered at the hands of the court system and my ex (a process which infuriates her kind to where they continue to attempt to wound regardless of success).  One of these opportunities has arisen, and it looks like certain aspects of my life will indeed improve.  Of course, this means I have to have some energy and drive to get through the transition, but it is nothing I haven’t done before.  I have given, and continue to give, considerable thought to this process, and have decided to keep my recording schedule as uninterrupted as possible.  This decision was made in no small part because I plan on publishing at least one book this year – two if I can help it.

I’ll give more details in coming updates.

Until next time,

~ Namaste

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