Update: 11-21-2023


Now that my new computer has been set up successfully, I will be making a greater effort to post more in the future.

There is much going on, and so many things to cover… Time will not allow for me to cover them all at this point, but I will be posting these developments soon.

I am continuing my efforts to record my second book, ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’, for Audible, and am almost at the point where my former computer died (RIP Asmodeus). Well, I will be after I complete the story following the one I am processing now.  I am continuing to learn the trade, and hone my narration and recording skills,  and it is my desire to bring the best effort I can to the table.

Although the recording is now my Main Project, there are many other creative projects on my slate in the upcoming year.  Two more books, minimum, are just the beginning.  I have also determined to renew my other art site, Reincarnations.com, and produce another slate of painted furniture.  As usual, I find myself wishing I could devote myself to my sites and creative work as my main profession, but all good things in time.

I will have more news coming soon.

Until Next time,


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