Audible Update – 11-8-23


As you may know from my previous post, my computer’s hard drive bit the Big One, and died a horrible death, a fate fitting of that of a horror writer, perhaps.  Undeterred, I managed to get a good deal on a new system, and have been working to restore my programs.  This meant I had to begin anew on my production of the Audible version of my second book, ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’.  I have just finished the sixth entry, ‘Easy Prey‘ (one of my favorites) and have begun recording ‘Message in an Electromagnetic Bottle’, (which is not, but a decent effort nonetheless).  I cannot as yet give an estimation of when the Audible version of this work will be available, due to the demands of my job and other factors, but I am moving forward in the effort to deliver the highest quality recording of which I am capable – something which is sure to improve as I continue to learn and hone whatever talent I may possess.

I will continue also to provide updates whenever time and energy allows, and will have more news on my next entry.

Until then,


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