Audible Update 12-4-23


My goodness, time goes fast.  I am making an effort to update my blog on a more regular basis, but even so, the days seem to slip past me, and before I know it – boom – it’s December.

Anywho, I’ve been putting in as much time as possible in my effort to record ‘Strange Stories, Twisted Tales’ for Audible.  I just wrapped up doing some post-recording and effects work for ‘Message in an Electromagnetic Bubble‘.  This story required a bit more effects work than most, as it is my first (and rare) attempt at sci-fi, and I felt it needed a bit more.  To this end, i have enlisted the Amazing Danika to assist with a few lines of dialogue, and will add them to the project when she is available.

During the recording of this story, I was also forced to reconsider how to translate transitions for an Audible project, as a line of asterisks does not translate into audio.  I decided to use some sound effect transitions for these, and may add an opening theme.  As i have often said, I am new to this type of creative endeavor, and am striving to bring the most interesting version of my work to that format as I can.  Only the future, and whatever feedback I receive, will tell if I am successful in that regard.

Next up on the recording schedule is ‘BOO!’, a hundred-page novella inspired by a story that has floated in my brain since I first began reading comics, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  It was during the recording of this story – about a cursed castle in the mountains of New York – that my hard drive failed.  Coincidence?  I sure hope so…I can’t afford to replace yet another computer.

That’s pretty much the news for now, although there is plenty more coming, believe me.  In the meantime, a quick reminder (and shameless plug) my first novel, ‘Highway Hypnosis’ is available on Audible.

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